Around the World Diaries: South Africa

We jetted off from Europe and made our way to an entirely new continent… It was Africa time! A mix of curiosity and excitement overtook me as we made our descent in to Johannesburg, South Africa. Having many South African friends, I knew little snippets of the culture, but was very curious to see the nation in its entirety.PPDP_2338

For two weeks, we stayed at an organization called Footprints. Footprints is run by Iris Global and was set up as a home for over 35 gorgeous black children. Some might call it a children’s home, but I think one really big family describes it more accurately! Footprints also hosts various teams and schools who come through for training and to volunteer.Our time at Footprints was a smorgasbord of activity. Our visit was very timely, as Footprints was just about to host 250 students on their premises for a Harvest school so needed all hands on deck. Half the time we spent serving the base practical through shoveling, sweeping, painting, building and everything in between. The other half of our time we spent with the kids, teaching, dancing, singing and playing with them. We also visited a few surrounding villages, running children’s programs and handing out food to the villagers. 

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PPDP_2411PPDP_2383PPDP_2390PPDP_2384PPDP_2385PPDP_2386PPDP_2389PPDP_2337PPDP_2345PPDP_2341PPDP_2344PPDP_2346PPDP_2340PPDP_2347 PPDP_2326
On our day off, we did what is necessary to do when you visit Africa… We went on Safari! We arrived at Johannesburg Lion Park and began our day getting up close and personal with the majestic maned beasts themselves. We were then mesmerized by the cheetahs, zebras, gazelle, springbok and giraffes right before our eyes. But the day didn’t consist of just looking at these animals from our vehicle. After lunch, we got to go in to the baby lion enclosure and hang out with these ferocious cuties! They were a little sleepy when we came to visit them, but no the less, they absolutely melted my heart. After our lion encounter, we bought some food and went to feed our tall necked friends, the giraffes! This wasn’t even the best part of the day. My highlight was by far petting my favorite creature of all time… By some miracle, my furry friend the Meerkat has escaped from its enclosure, and as it went rummaging for food, I reached out and got to touch it.

PPDP_2349 PPDP_2350 PPDP_2351 PPDP_2352 PPDP_2353PPDP_2355PPDP_2356 PPDP_2357 PPDP_2359 PPDP_2360 PPDP_2363PPDP_2370 PPDP_2364 PPDP_2369PPDP_2365 PPDP_2366 PPDP_2368PPDP_2371After seeing all these majestic African creatures, it was ironically decided that we would go to Carnivore for dinner- an all-you-can-eat meat restaurant. Yes, this place served some of the very animals we had just seen at the Lion Park. As we entered the restaurant, I was slightly conflicted, as although I’m not the biggest meat eater in the world, I did want to make the most of this rather unique dining experience. Well, a unique dining experience it certainly was. The waiters would come around with giant skewers, and with their sharp knives, would slice off pieces of meat straight to your plate. We were served crocodile, gazelle, impala, venison, chicken liver and zebra. Yes, you heard right. This place served zebra. I tried a little bit of everything excluding venison. I have a personal vendetta against eating Bambi lookalikes.
PPDP_2399 PPDP_2397 PPDP_2392 PPDP_2395

Our final African experience took place at Heia Safari, a restaurant with a unique touch- dining with the animals. As we sat at our table for lunch, we were first greeted by a peacock displaying all its fine feathers for us. Next, a few giraffe casually strolled by, followed by a few zebra, gazelle and a cheeky donkey. As we started to feast on our food, we were then joined by a family of monkeys, who happily invited themselves on the table to eat the leftovers on our plates.

PPDP_2415 PPDP_2417 PPDP_2418 PPDP_2416 PPDP_2419
It was rather hard to leave the footprints family and the unique beauty of this country behind once our two weeks were complete. I will truly miss all the gorgeous kids at footprints who we got to know so well during our time there. I will also miss my meerkat friend probably more than anything. Unfortunately my plan to smuggle him in my suitcase didn’t quite work out. Maybe next time? It’s a good excuse for a return visit.


N x

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    July 19, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I love reading your blog!! You’re travels are so interesting and are inspiring me to plan my own adventures. You’re photos are beautiful, is there a particular camera you use?
    Elisha x

  • Reply
    July 23, 2015 at 12:40 am

    Thank so much Elisha for your kind words! I use a canon 6D for most of my photos :) x

    • Reply
      July 23, 2015 at 10:29 am

      No problem! I don’t think I have ever been so in love with a blog before I have just booked my first overseas solo trip at the end of the year. Very excited! Would love a good quality camera to take with me x

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