PHOTO DIARY: Florence, Bellissimo!

Italy, Italy, where to begin with Italy? A place teeming with brilliant food, welcoming locals and oh so incredible sights. Although only a mere six days of my travels were spent in the country, this whirlwind tour left the sweet taste of three very unique cities in my mouth and a yearn to explore each one of these Italian hotspots further.
The Italian sojourn begun in the beautiful city of Florence. Home to one of the most incredible sculpture to ever be made, everything in this aged city seems to reflect the skill and grace eminent in Michelangelo’s David. Each building is so intricate in its detail, yet also so beautiful in it’s entirety.
Famous for it’s leather goods, I could not escape a marketplace without smelling that rich, authentic smell. The next smell to indulge my nose was the rich aroma of freshly cooked pizza and pasta, an unavoidable waft from every restaurant and cafe you skip past. And then of course, the joyous sight of a Gelato store at every corner of the street, a tempting escape from the oh so sweltering Italian heat.
Then there is the Tuscan countryside, my favourite element of the Florence region. Rolling green hills and terra cotta houses, the place is straight out of a movie. A balmy evening was spent exploring fields and dancing in the golden light, a solace from a busy day of touristy activities.
To conclude our fleeting stay in Florence, we adventured to a little town up on a large hill in the Tuscan region. Everything about this place was a delight, everything from the vine-covered terracotta walls to the cobblestone paths, from the hand-painted shopfront signs to the majestic church which stands in the main square, a grand centrepiece to this otherwise humble town.
The other pride and joy of this tiny place is a little more obscure. Boar sandwiches, as you have, prove a delicacy amongst locals and tourists alike. Perhaps this was the only part of the town I didn’t take such a fancy to- salty boar meat did not prove appetizing to my taste buds.
There you have it. A little taste of Florence- a place that flourishes in intricate beauty, character and lushness.
Next stop, Rome!

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    January 27, 2017 at 1:32 am

    I can’t see the images :( is there any way to download them? So excited to visiting Florence!!!

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