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10 Fun Things to Do in Barcelona – Don’t Miss These on Your Bucket List!

You don’t want to miss these 10 fun things to do in Barcelona!

Conspicuous in its vibrancy and proud of its quirks, Barcelona is the Spanish city with an infectious buzz. From a secret bunker with sweeping views over the metropolis to the ultimate spots to sample Catalan’s most delicacies, here is a list of 10 fun things you simply MUST tick off your Barcelona bucket list!

10 Fun Things to Do in Barcelona

Paella, Sangria and Tapas in Barcelona

1. Feast on Paella, Tapas, and Sangria

It is traditional in Spain to eat a big meal at lunchtime and a smaller meal for dinner, so make sure you’ve worked up an appetite by midday. In Barcelona, you’ll find a plethora of restaurants offering a scrumptious selection of share plates, referred to as tapas, alongside pans of steaming hot Paella. Of course, to make things fun, all this food must be washed down with a generous jug of Sangria, the national drink of Spain. Check here for a dedicated tapas tour!

Park Guell Barcelona by Gaudi

 2. Marvel at Gaudi’s architectural genius

If anyone is responsible for shaping the aesthetic of Barcelona, it’s Spain’s most revered architect, Antoni Gaudi. From the wondrous La Sagrada Familia, a cathedral that has been under construction since 1882, to Park Guell’s gingerbread-like buildings, every Gaudi piece looks like it was conceptualized for a fairytale. Make sure you take time to explore the all the must-see Gaudi sites during your visit!

For tours around Barcelona of Gaudi’s architecture, check these:

Barcelona Bunker Sunset

3. Have a picnic at the bunker

If you want to find the best panoramic views over Barcelona, head up to the Bunker del Carmel. This idyllic spot makes for a great place to bring a picnic and watch the sun setting over the Barcelona sprawl. To get here, take metro line L4 (yellow) to station Alfons X. From Alfons X, take exit Ronda de Guinardo, cross the street and turn left. From here, you have to walk up a hill for about 25-30 minutes. I promise you, the view is worth it!



4. Visit Espit Chupitos Bar

Chupitos means ‘shots’ in Spanish, so you can probably take a stab at what this bar has on offer. With over 150 different types of shots on the menu, you can expect a little more than tequila with lime and salt. It’s a bit of a lucky dip when making your selection, but expect each one to be somewhat of a fun surprise. My personal favorite was when the bartender lit the bar on fire, and handed us all marshmallows. We proceeded to toast the marshmallows, dip them into our shot, eat the gooey goodness and then finally, consume the alcohol.

Barcelona Gothic Quarter Alleyway

5. Get lost in the Gothic Quarter

If there ever was an ideal place to get lost, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona would be it.  Throw aside all plans and spend a few hours simply meandering through the endless maze of intriguing alleyways, quaint shopfronts, hip bars, and Gothic architecture. I spent hours wandering through these streets and never ran out of things to photograph. If you want to make your explorations of the area even more interesting… You can take part in a Gothic Quarter Cava Tasting (Spain’s version of champagne), led by a Michelin Star Sommelier!

For more ways to explore the Gothic Quarter:

La Sagrada Familia Inside

6. Go inside La Sagrada Familia

On my first visit to Barcelona I never actually made it inside La Sagrada Familia and I regretted it ever since. I made it a priority on my second visit to Barcelona and I am so glad I did! If you are under the impression that all cathedrals look the same, get ready to have your mind blown. I would recommend booking your tickets in advance so you don’t have to cue for hours or miss out altogether!

Food Lovers Company Tour

7. Go on a food tour of Barcelona

When visiting a new city, one of the easiest ways to get an authentic taste of its culture and cuisine is by going on a local food tour. The Food Lovers Company, for example, offer small group tours focused on showing you real Spanish and Catalan culinary culture. On the tour, locals and culinary experts, Nuria and Margherita show you around Old Town on a four-hour drinking and eating session. Just make sure you schedule time for a serious siesta once you’re finished!

For some more food tour ideas:

8. Stroll along Barcelona Beach

In the height of summer, Barcelona beach is teeming with locals and tourists alike. Here, you can sunbathe (and if you’re brave, join the locals and go topless!), cool down in the waters or simply sit at a beachfront bar imbibing Mojitos. I personally found the beach WAY too crowded during the middle of the day, but I did enjoy strolling along the sand at sunset before retreating to one of the restaurants along the water for a steaming hot bowl of Paella.

La Boqueria markets on La Rambla

9. Try everything from La Boqueria Markets

La Boqueria is Barcelona’s most famous food market, brimming with an irresistible throng of food stalls that sell just about everything under the sun. On entering, you’ll find a rainbow array of smoothies and fresh fruit, delectable crepes brimming with fillings and exotic candies. Walk in a little further to discover food stalls offering a place to sit and feast on local delicacies.

magic fountain show Barcelona

10. Watch the magic fountain show

First spouting all the way back in 1929,  this magnificent display of colour, light, sound and water is an absolute must-see when you are in Barcelona! The show occurs outside of the National Museum of Art Cataluyna at different times depending on the season, so I would recommend checking on the Barcelona Tourism website before planning to go.

Barcelona Travel Tips

Getting to Barcelona

If you are planning to fly to Barcelona, I would recommend using Skyscanner to book your flights. It’s free to use and doesn’t have any hidden fees like other flight search engines, and works by comparing prices across every airline to ensure you get the best deal possible. Plus,  You can download the free Skyscanner App on iOS or Android, or use the Skyscanner flight search engine to find cheap flights to Barcelona.

How to Get Around Barcelona

Barcelona is a fairly straight-forward city to navigate so getting around is pretty easy. In my opinion, walking is always the best way to get from place to place as it allows you to see the most. The city is also very bike-friendly and has a great public transport network of metros and buses. If you are going to use public transport during your visit, your best option is to pre-purchase a transport pass for the duration of your time in the city.

Where to Stay in Barcelona


Still to this day, the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at is the Casa Gracia. The design of the place is super cool and you’ll literally pay hostel prices for hotel standards. Plus, they will throw in an amazing breakfast and a bunch of fun, social activities! Book a stay now or check here to compare prices & availability


Barcelona has a lot of great options on Airbnb. By using Airbnb, you can often score yourself a beautiful, self-contained apartment for a fraction of what you’d pay for a hotel. If you haven’t yet signed up to Airbnb, you can sign up here and get $45 credit towards your first stay!


If you want to treat yourself, check out the exquisite W Hotel Barcelona. Located right on the Barcelona beachfront, you can hardly pick a room with a bad view at this place! Book a stay now or check here to compare prices & availability



Have you been to Barcelona? Got something fun to add to this bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

For more Spain travel

My General Travel & Photo Tips:

Travel Insurance

I highly recommend getting travel insurance before ANY international trip. World Nomad’s offer the most flexible worldwide cover that I have come across, and you can purchase a policy online, even if your trip has already commenced. If their prices are too high for you, you can also check out SafetyWings, though SW doesn’t cover tech.

Booking Flights

To book flights, I always use flight search engine, Skyscanner. I find it the easiest way to compare flight prices across airlines and get the best deals. Skyscanner also have a free App (available on iOS or Android) which is great for booking flights on the go.  

Photography Gear

Here is a list of the photography gear that I always travel with:

Photo Editing

I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit all my photos. Both these programs are included in the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (which you can get a free 30-day of here).

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    I absolutely love Barcelona and your list hits all of the perfectly unique things the city has to offer! I’ve checked off eight from your list – guess I need to go back to finish the final two. :)


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      Hola Jovana, thank you so much for your interest in our tour! We would love to meet you next year. Please, if you need any information about Barcelona and its culinary gems, just contact us at [email protected]. Saludos!

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    Going to Barcelona at the end of the month. This is by far the shortest but best blog post I’ve read in terms of what is worth seeing and doing. Keep up the awesome content girl :)

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    Great post, inspiring as always.

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    Love this! I live in Barcelona and yet to see the bunkers! Plan to in April of before when I have a month off work before I jet back to the UK after i visit Rome! Plenty of times that i have got lost in Barcelona especially Gothic!

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    littlemissgemtravels (@LMGtravels)
    February 24, 2017 at 1:13 am

    I’m heading to Barcelona in October. I’ll be staying in the Gothic Quarter and I can’t wait to explore.

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    Hostelgeeks (@Hostelgeeks)
    March 4, 2017 at 11:44 pm

    HI Nicola,

    what a wonderful list of things to do in our hometown!! The paella part and food part is so true, and before actually ordering a paella in a restaurant, I’d recommend an actually cooking class!!
    I also actually created a list on cool things to do, might be interesting as well to check out http://hostelgeeks.com/77-cool-things-to-do-in-barcelona/

    I try to cover the things I love to do with my friends in our home. Placa del sol in Gracia for instance, or Bogatell beach :)

    Cheers, Matt

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    April 24, 2017 at 1:28 am

    Great list. Don’t forget the architectural walking tour. Also, you must go dancing.
    One of my very favorite cities.

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    where did you take the pic underneed how to get arround?

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    July 21, 2017 at 8:04 am

    Where is the last picture taken?

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    August 9, 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Make your way all the way up to Antiga Biblioteca Almirall for wonderful secluded views over Barcelona!

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    That’s actually a great article! Bunkers is one of the best spots in Barcelona that not many tourists spotted yet!

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    WOW! thanks for the tips!!! where did you took the last pic??

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    Matt Kiefer-p
    November 22, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    I love this selection! The magic fountain is really a classic, but make sure you check out the official schedule. In winter it’s not taking place quite often.

    Also, love to see you mentioned the Bunker del Carmel. I enjoy coming here for the sunrise or early morning at least. There are no tourists around, it is very peaceful. When walking back to the city, you can get a coffee along the way. Really wonderful every time!! I summed about a bunch of coffee places and such on my small blog https://one-week-in.com/barcelona =)

    I am also pinning now your epic santorini guide…so many things to see!

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    This has been my dream vacation spot ever since Cheetah Girls 2 first came out! Awesome tips!

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    Where did you take the last photo?? I wanna go there!

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    Adding a few of these to our list too! Thanks for the travel inspo http://www.wattwherehow.com

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